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Sunday, 18 July 2010 21:39


boomer lady sitting at table with open laptop and with one shopping bag in each hand


Hello Again! Thanks for coming back. We are proud to present our second issue since starting to publish our Senior/Boomer News and Lifestyle website.


Our goal remains to identify the most relevant, interesting and useful places on the Internet, for you. For example, we have formed agreements with Amazon, Ebay and Orbitz to enable you to shop online with the most reputable online retailers. We have also added some less well known retailers who have products and services that are especially relevant to our visitors, like Canada Pharmacy and Old Guys Rule. More on these companies later, but finally we added Viator, a specialist provider of sightseeing and destination ticket booking, which complements the Orbitz promotions.


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Featured Articles Issue #2

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Featured Articles

senior woman on couch with laptop and credit card in hand newspaper with headline

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attractive presentation of salad and sandwich senior lady placing money inside a piggy-bank

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